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Christmas Eve Fun - Just A Puppet On A String

24th. December, 2009

12:51 pm - Christmas Eve Fun

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So in a few hours C4, The Gnome, and I go to Grandma's to make birthday dinner for Nuncle C. It must really suck having been born on Christmas Eve. She really goes all out to make it birthday and not Holiday for him so I am too. Below is my Menu for the feast Of The Seven Fishes tonight. It is an Italian Christmas Eve Tradition. Then we will drop the Gnome off to Poppy and he will be there for the rest of the weekend. it will be weird, but after what I went through with Sage I don't want to make Poppy feel that way ever.

I am posting my first entry on momiji_neyuki today. It's a present request. You'll understand it when you read it. I am also going to move "The Real Me" to there as well an my entry that explains my nick names in my LJ. Once Feb. comes I will have officially moved over there, when I re purchase a paid account. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with what ever family you have here and far away. I will be thinking of you all. Enjoy you Holiday meals too!

Borrowed from gipsy_dreamer


It's really funny when they don't know the song.

If you celebrate Christmas, what will you do this evening? If you don't, will you still do something festive or is it just another night?

Christmas eve when I was younger you got to open one present, which usually turned out to be new pj's. Noe since I am with Gaerfie we celebrate his Brothers birthday instead. Sometimes we still do our tradition, but it's really late at night.

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Date:24th December, 2009 08:10 pm (UTC)
I used to open up one present on Xmas eve too. I don't do it anymore because I'm older but once my boys get old enough I think I'll start the tradition again.
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